About Me

Creator of an industry leading customizable executive reporting system powered by enterprise level amounts of data.

DoubleDown Interactive (Apr 2012 to Present)
Since graduating from the University of Washington I have been an engineer working on a variety of big data and production scale data processing problems for DoubleDown Interactive in Seattle, Washington. I work daily to make sure every action taken in our app can be processed in realtime providing access to immediately actionable insight into every aspect of our business.

I worked my way up as a Software Engineer I, II, and III until I achieved the position of Senior Database Engineer - Lead.


I've worked with a wide variety of technologies with a particular focus on AWS products, some of these skills include...

For Node.JS: ExpressJS
For PHP: Zend Framework, CodeIgniter
For Databases: Amazon Redshift, Redis / AWS Elasticache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS Aurora, Data Lakes using AWS S3, and Snowflake.
For Data Processing: Apache Spark with Scala, Amazon Kinesis
For Application Management: Extensive use of Amazon Web Services as well as system level management on Linux systems ranging from Ubuntu to Centos.
For Visualization: Google Visualization API, HighCharts
For Game Development: Unity (C#) and Unreal Engine 4 (C++/Blueprints)
Other: Various other technologies have been used such as jQuery (vanilla jQuery/jQuery Mobile/jQuery UI/ and many other plugins), Python and its data science packages, shell scripts, and various others including but not limited to Go (Golang) and Scala.


I graduated from the University of Washington in 2012, becoming a Bachelor of Science in Computer Software and Systems (BS in CSS).

While at the University I studied a wide variety of interesting topics including OpenGL, Physics simulations over realtime networks, database schema design, and even robotics.